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Low Carb Got me Slim the First Time

Weight loss is a personal and selfish journey, in the

sense that you have to do want you have to do to reach

your goal. There may be a lot fewer lunches and dinners w

with friends, less drinking and partying and special or

unique dinners at home for yourself.   

I had success losing weight and it was because I

participated in the forums of the low carb site of Kimkins.

Now, I need to do it again and hopefully for the very last

time.   Music was helpful to me. Before I lost enough

weight to feel comfortable exercising in public, I danced

around my home.  Softer music like Jaheim, old Sade,

Michael Franks and old Maxwell soothed me in stressful

times.  A lot of the other artists got me pumped up when

I needed to get out and walk.  Old Fabolous songs like

Breathe and now his new ‘pump me up’ anthem,’

My Time and others similar to this got me pumped as

well.  Nas’ Classic, Gang Starr and older Outkast were

some of my ‘pump up’ artists and I can not leave out

Fantasia.  When I wanted to dance, I used a lot of the

Latin music that I will ease in here a little at the time.

Losing weight can be down.  I have done it before.  In

hindsight, there are things that I know to do differently

and I will  this time.


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